Security Operations Center (SOC)


Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team that constantly monitors the infrastructure for cybersecurity threats and responds to incidents such as hacker attacks.



We provide SOC outsourcing operating 24/7 and consisting of three lines of support – to learn more about our offer related to SOC/CERT/CSIRT services visit SOC.REDTEAM.PL.


REDTEAM.PL CSIRT (RFC 2350) is a recognized incident response team CERT/CSIRT and a member of the Trusted Introducer. We have published numerous security research on our techblog:

REDTEAM.PL combines real competences both in the field of offense and defense, and our cybersecurity research is widely recognized in the world. We use our extensive knowledge and several years of experience on proactive threat hunting. In addition, we also act as an IT Expert Witness to assist law enforcement in the fight against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Experts

Our team has real experience in both offensive and defensive security. We offer services such as penetration testing, red teaming and social engineering excercises, as well as incident response and digital forensics. We have achievements in both of these areas, such as numerous credits for the vulnerabilities found, as well as recognized publications and research on defensive security. All this is additionally supported by dozens of references from satisfied customers. The high quality of the services offered is of key importance to us. Some of the media coverage or public apprecation of our work:

See the Competencies of Our Team

Our team found and responsibly disclosed multiple vulnerabilities in high-profile software from major vendors such as: