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Cybersecurity Research

As cybersecurity is our passion, we are constantly involved in various research projects related to the field. We work on defense and detection methods as well as we participate in bug bounty programs, perform vulnerability research and other offensive type of research.

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Why REDTEAM.PL services?

Clients most often choose us because of our recognizable consultants with superior technical expertise. We have 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, dozens of acknowledgements for responsibly disclosed bugs in the most popular software, and over 50 references for provided services. We have authored numerous recognized publications by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and Polish Scientific Publishers (PWN). In addition, our research has been recognized by American entities such as the SANS Institute and Forbes magazine. All services are performed only by experienced experts, we do not execute services with the help of people without years of experience.

Security vulnerabilities

We found and responsibly disclosed multiple vulnerabilities:

“Cybersecurity researchers at Warsaw-based RED TEAM discovered a flaw in the way Safari handles sharing actions. Click in Safari to share a cute kitten picture with a friend and you could unknowingly pass critical information about your system to an attacker”

A Bug In Apple’s Safari Browser Could Let Hackers Steal Your Files
Forbes Magazine

We have also received multiple credits from international companies and institutions to which we responsibly disclosed security issues: Adobe (2014), Apple (2012), Apple (2020), BlackBerry (2012), Deutsche Telekom, Google (2013), Harvard University, Netflix (2013), Nokia (2013), Reddit, SoundCloud, Yandex (2013).


On our techblog, located at we share knowledge about various aspects of cybersecurity and demonstrate our competencies in the field.

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Our team identified and responsibly disclosed multiple critical and high rated vulnerabilities in popular global utilized products. We received acknowledgements eg. from the following organisations: